Friday, 17 July 2015

Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea!

If only it was me!

SO glad it's finally Friday! Today I have a throwback on the left and some more recent nails on the right. An example of my nails a little too long, and a little too short! Apologies for the picture quality of these, they were taken without knowing they'd be going on a blog.

Fruit designs are perfect for summer and pineapples are one of the easiest to do, and seem to be very on trend this summer. For the yellow the ussual nail brush from the bottle is fine, just sweep a large yellow blob accross your nail! The leaves and detail can be done with a thin nail art brush. All in all a good fruit for beginners! I hope to do more pineapple designs in the near future and improve my technique

Colours on the left: Matt White - Barry M,  Yellow - Barry M, Emerald Green - Barry M, Foil Effects Gold - Barry M, Gold Glitter - Barry M

Colours on the right: Key Lime - Barry M, Coconut - Barry M, Papaya - Barry M, Yellow - Barry M

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