Friday, 24 July 2015

Sparkly Jellies

So as it's Friday and very grey and rainy (how can I need to get the fluffy onesie out in July?!) I think we need something bright,sparkly and a little bit silly! This is another inspired by One Nail To Rule Them All ( She did a lovely design with pale blue glitter covered in little white jellyfish. I took this less fiddly route and went for one big statement jellyfish!

I started with Barry M's Catwalk Queen, but didn't think it lived up to their ussual standard at all, so topped it up with another blue glitter from yonks ago to get the final effect. The jellyfish were done with white nail varnish and a thin nail art brush. Dotting tools for the eyes.

Pretty pleased with how it turned out. Shame I didn't get any proper pcitures till it was starting to grow out! (see below). Happy Friday!

Colours used: Catwalk Queen - Barry M, Blue Glitter - Barry M, Matt White - Barry M, New York Noir by Kate Spade - Nails Inc

(Below is Barry M's Catwalk Queen if you were curious!)

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