Sunday, 6 September 2015

Barry M AW15 Speedy Review

With the Grand Prix on today it seems like the perfect opportunity to share with you my thoughts on the new Barry M speedy polishes. They've also just released some new sunset polishes so I realise I'm a little behind! These are the first of the speedy range I have tried, so I'm pleased to see the new wider brush. I'm a fan of a wider brush as it makes application easier, which is especially handy for a speedy manicure. I can confirm that these dry super fast!

Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for helping with the picture above, it's tricky to get a good shot of all four hands at once! :D As you can see above these are super shiny. From the top left we have Slip Stream, continuing clockwise to Dragster, Dead Heat and Sprint Finish. Below are the bottles strutting their stuff!

Here's what I thought of each one individually:

First up is Dragster, a lovely dark grey. I don't think the picture quite does it justice. I really like this as it's just a little different to anything I already have. It's quite possibly my favourite of the collection. This one goes on smoothly with two coats.

Next is Slip Stream, this one is a smooth one coater, apologies for the slight bubbling in the picture. I think my nails were getting a bit fed up of the swatching! I like the brightness of this shade, as I seem to end up with so many dark purples. I'm on the lookout for a perfect Cadburys purple, and I think this is my closest so far.

Here is Sprint Finish, a lovely sophisticated shade. This was another easy one coater and went on smoothly, drying fast. Perfect for a quick manicure! The only disadvantage is that as with most strong colours there was some staining on my fingers as I took it off. Nothing a good soak can't fix though!

Finally, Dead Heat is a vibrant bright red shade, I'm a big fan! The consistency of this one is gorgeous. Reds always seem to be, not sure why! Glides on beautifully and dries fast. Would need two or possibly three coats for this one, but it's a lovely painting experience!

All in all I think this is a lovely bunch of colours. across the board I think we are very lucky with all the lovely shades we're getting for this autumn. My favourite is probably Dragster, but I was also very pleased with Dead Heat. Ta Barry M! :D

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