Thursday, 24 September 2015

Throwback Thursday: Elephant Spots

This weeks throwback is one I was really fond of. Looking at it now thought I think I could get the edges a bit neater! This was based on a design I saw on pinterest but as it was a good couple of years ago I can't remember in order to credit them. If anyone knows please let me know! This was right after I first got my matte top coat, and wanted to matify everything! I'm still a big fan of matte. It can really bring out a colour and I love the smooth texture.

I will have used nail tape for the triangles, and a small dotting tool for the detail, finishing off with the matte coat.I like the reverse colours on the ring finger, perhaps next time I will do reverse colours on the thumb too. So in conclusion, if I ever get through my backlog of nail art ideas, I will try this again!!

P.S. I've called it elephant spots because the colours remind me of elephants, I'm sorry if you were expecting to see elephants! That will be another project for the future!

Colours used: Little Bo Beep - Rimmel, Cyan Blue - Barry M, White - Barry M, Pro Matte Finish Topcoat - Rimmel

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