Sunday, 20 September 2015

Holo, is it me you're looking for?! Monthly Indie Review

Holo, is it me you're looking for? I just couldn't resist! As I'm fairly new to the blogging world it is only relatively recently that I found out about indie nail polishes. So many wonderful brands to discover! In light of this, as I clearly need to catch up, I have decided to try put a new indie polish each month for the foreseeable future. I will try a couple of polishes from a new (to me!) brand each month and review them on my blog around the 20th.

This month, for my first ever indie polishes, I have decided to try Colors By Llarowe. I've heard this brand raved about on various forums, and it can be ordered in the UK via Rainbow Connection. With this site you can order lots of indie brands you wouldn't otherwise be able to get your hands on in the UK. Discovering it has not been good for my bank balance!

So, enough waffle, and onto the nail varnish. First up is my FIRST EVER holographic nail polish. Very late to jum,p on the band wagon with these! I have been aware of some silver holographic polishes via big brands but since disovering indie polish have learnt that there are zillions of shades! I've gone for a blue called In the Navy, as if I don't have enough blue glitter already! Below is the polish in action.

I found this polish to be particularly thick, which I imagine may be the case with all holo's? The advantage of this is that I got to experience the joy of painting holographic glitter straight onto my nails. A definite one coater. Out of the sunlight this looks kind of like a denim effect polish. But as soon as you're in the sun or bright lights it is dazzling!

Next up is a limited edition, Mustang Eli Is On A Roll. I found this extremely hard to photograph, so there are quite a few picture below to try and give you an idea of how it looked. It's a very rich deep blue withsome subtle blue sparkly which is lovely! I only wish it would have sparked as much in the office as it did outside! The first picture of the polish shows it out without a top coat, it dries a slightly texture matte. With this particular shade I prefered it with a top coat, I've used Nails Inc's Gel Effect Plumping top coat.

Below I have tried to capture the way this polish looks in differe,t lights. I think the thumb nail is the closest to how the glitter looks in the sun. Indoors this just looks like a super shiny very deep blue.

I think getting the pictures to line up correctly will be something to work on for next months post. I hope it's not too frustrating to look at! Thanks for reading :)


  1. Love the colors on your new polishes! Holo effect is such a pretty thing in a nail polish, specially in the summer. What photo editor you use? Have you tried Pic Monkey it's free online service and you can crop and adjust your photos. I like it very much.

    1. Thank you :) I've just been using the standard picture editor on my laptop, it lets me crop but not change the size or ratio so I end up with odd ones! I will have a look at Pic Monkey, thanks for the tip!