Sunday, 13 September 2015

Watercolour Nails: Inspired By Hannah Rox It (Fan Nails!)

Today I have my attempt at Hannah Rox It's watercolour nails to show you. She posted a tutorial a short while back on these and I think they look stunning, plus pretty easy to do! To see her original blog post and tutorial please click here. I just used tin foil instead of glass for the mixing as it's cheap! Below is the design before I put on the purply colour, I was almost tempted just to keep it with blues and greens but am glad I went the whole way in the end. I think there are a lot of bright lovely colours that would work well with it.

For me the right hand looked better than the left hand (for once!), as I'd figured out the technique a bit better at this stage. With the left hand I was swiping the polish across the nail, rather than sort of splodging it on. The splodging had a better effect! The beauty of this design is that if it does go a bit wrong you can just splash on a bit of nail polish remover and move it around.

The top two pictures are my right hand and the bottom two are the left. (oops for not cleaning the right hand up properly!)

Colours Used: White - Barry M, Guava - Barry M, Greenberry - Barry M, Holland Park - Nails Inc, Pro Matte Finish - Rimmel

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