Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Glitter Gradient For Graduation

Today I am showing you my attempt at seaspray nails. I did this for my sisters graduation a few months back as I wanted a bit of glitter for the occasion! I'm very much into blues and sea themes and this was a perfect excuse to bring some glitter into summer! Ussually I wouldn't like this type of gradient as it's quite spaced out, due to the type of sponge I used (some cheap ones from ebay!). For a normal gradient you are better using those triangular make up sponges. However as this was meant to look like seaspray I think it works quite well.

I started by sponging on a light layer of mint green over my base colour, though it's not too obvious in the picture. This was only meant to be a subtle detail but I think perhaps it's a little too subtle! I then sponged some cobalt blue over the top, getting darker towards the tip of the nail. Finished off with a sparkly base coat, whats not to like!

Colours used: Coconut - Barry M, Mint Green - Barry M, Baker Street - Nails Inc, Diamond Glitter - Barry M

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