Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Easiest Halloween Ghosts

Today I'm on a UK holiday near the cost on Norfolk, having just got back from visiting family in Switzerland. We've spent the day on the beach I'm now snuggled up in a cottage. So I'm very much in a seashells and beach nails sort of mood! All I have though is a few Halloween designs to share! I'm starting with the very simplest of Halloween nails/cheat Halloween nails, classic 'sheet over head' style ghosts!

So I probably don't need to go into detail on how I did this one! I started with a white/slightly off white base, and then used dotting tools to place some ghostly eyes using black polish. This achieved a sort of 'cute ghost' look.You could make them look a little spookier by making the eyes larger and longer. Note the strange lighting too, don't know if it made them look more ghostly really but worth a try!

That's all for now, more Halloween and autumn nails to follow!
Colours used: Coconut - Barry M, Lady In Black - OPI

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