Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Monthly Indie Review: Fun Lacquer

Hi everyone! Today I have a monthly indie review I've been waiting to do for a long time - Fun Lacquer. When the Simply Nailogical collaboration came out I just couldn't resist giving it a go! The collection featuires three shades, each one in a holo glitter, and a holo glitter with extra holo particles. I thought the extra holo ones looked a bit more silvery so went with the normal holo glitter in Black Holo Witch and How Deep Is Your Holo. They are both intensely glittery glitter, in a clear base.

First up is How Deep Is Your Holo, a super glittery cobalt blue. I have seen a lot of video's of this suggesting that you need to sponge it on. It's definitely a good technique for this type of glitter, but I managed to get the below look using three coats. It's a gorgeous shade of blue, and in the light its twinkles in lovely blue and green sparkles. As expected it dries with a textured finish, but this can be smoothed out with a top coat.
The second colour I tried is Black Holo Witch, very appropriate for the season! I'd say it's more of a grey than a black, but when those sparkles get going it is sooo lovely and rainbowish! For this one I did sponge on the glitter. This was a quicker process that painting it on layer by layer, but was a little bit of a faff getting it to cover the whole nail! I suppose that will improve with practise.
I enjoyed both of these polishes, and their extreme sparkle! I did find them a little heavy on my nails though, and being a glitter they need a peel off base coat or to be soaked off. I tried soaking the first off and it was still quite tricky to get rid of it all! I am glad to have these in my collection, they are great colours and the boxes are so fun too! (yep, they're holo!) I probably won't buy many more glitters this intense though. I did buy a two tone colour shift polish from Fun Lacquer as well which I can't wait to give a go.

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