Monday, 31 October 2016

All Holo's Eve!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you've enjoyed your day. I have been at work but there was a charity bake off so I have had a very sugar fuelled day! Today I am taking part in another Halloween link up, with the most fantastic name, All Holo's Eve!

To fit the holo theme I used a base of Black Holo Witch from Fun Lacquer, a Halloweeny polish with a Halloweeny name! For the design I used white stamping polish to try out some of the designs from my Mo You London Festive Plate 16. I suppose there is not all that much else to say on this one really, it was pretty simple to do! The Black Holo Witch is not as black as I would have liked, but it is certainly sparkly!

Check out all the other lovely designs below the images. I love how we've all gone for a similar colour scheme!
Colours used: Black Holo Witch - Fun Lacquer, White Knight - Mo You London