Sunday, 8 May 2016

Stamping Sunday: Smoosh Nail Sunday

Hi nail world! Tonight I am showing you Last weekends manicure, I wanted to save it for a Sunday but last weekend I was spending the bank holiday with my boyfriends family by Stourhead national trust house, so didn't have time. Does mean this manicure brings back fond memories though! I've been doing Stamping Sundays for a little while, and have also seen other bloggers doing 'smoosh nail Sundays' so thought I'd give it a try.

I was going for an ocean theme so started with a pale green, and then three shades of blue for the pattern. I painted splodges of each blue onto a stamper, and pressed it lightly onto each nail a few times, moving it around as I did so to get the mottled effect. Most of the time I needed to re-colour the stamper between each nail so there was enough polish to move around. I think the right hand turned out better than the left one, and there were a couple of nails that didn't go so well, but for the most part I rather like this mani.

I used my Bundle Monster BM - 510 stamping plate to stamp some sea themed designs over the top in white to finish off. I particularly like the treasure map pattern and the seaweed. I will definitely try this effect again, it's nice and easy and there's plenty of room for mistakes that don't look like mistakes!

Colours used: Mint Green - Barry M, Blue Moon - Barry M, Blueberry - Barry M, Cobalt - Barry M, White Knight - Mo You

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