Thursday, 5 May 2016

Throwback Thursday: Retro Tones

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow! Today I have a design to show you from somewhere between two and three years ago, so please excuse all the clutter in the background. I was sat on my sisters bedroom windowsill with a bit of a hangover when I did these! Fond memories!

This colour combination is quite different that the sort of thing I normally go for, or ever have gone for, but I quite like it. I started with a neutral base. and then  used striping tape to create the triangle shapes. I finished off using a dotting tool to put a little black dot on the tip of each triangle. I think they look a little like party hats!

Colours used: Basil Street - Nails Inc, Antique Coral - Natural Collection, New York Noir - Nails Inc

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