Saturday, 21 May 2016

Monthly Indie Review: Native War Paints

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is my most long awaited indie polish review ever! I ordered these soo long ago, it took well over a month for them to arrive (not the sellers fault - I think it's because it came from so far away). By the time they did arrive I already had an indie review lined up for that month, so they got pushed back to now. Not quite the seasons colours anymore, but never mind, anything goes!

I saw these first on Instagram, they are the Walking Hearthrobs collection, based on the walking dead. I don't actually watch the walking dead, but the nail polishes caught my eye! I particularly loved how well they go together as a gradient, so just had to give it a go. Below are (in order) Shot by Cupids Crossbow, Officer Handsome, and I'm Dating A Daredevil. It's hard to choose a favourite, but contrary to my normal preference of blues, greens and purples, I think I might like I'm Dating A Daredevil best. Better still though is the gradient, they go so well together!

Some shots below of the polishes in sunlight so you can see them in their holographic glory! Couldn't capture I'm Dating A Daredevil quite as well as the other unfortunately. I will 100% be wearing these as a gradient again, they're so bright and fun, the colours kind of remind me of kids parties in the 90's when I was small!
So would I buy more from the same brand? Sadly the answer is no, because it took such a long time to arrive, and I was contacting the seller beginning to wonder if they would arrive at all, don't want to go through that palava again! To be honest I don't think I'll order direct from the US again, no ones fault I think it's just too much hassle. Will stick to buying my US polishes from Rainbow Connection. However, I certainly don't regret getting these ones, I love them now that they are here!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think :)

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