Sunday, 11 August 2019

Cirque Colors Vice 2019 Stripes

Hello nail world! Today I bring you neon! Lots and lots of blindingly fun neon, courtesy of Cirque Colors Vice 2019 collection. This is the first time I have bought some of the Cirque Vice neons, and I got the whole 2019 set. This isn't the first time I've worn them, you can see most of them on my hen do nails here. But this look shows off their brightness I think.

Now I can't really take credit for the idea, as I was inspired by @rendxnails on Instagram, but I did paint it myself freehand so that's something! Sadly mine are not as neat as hers but I'm still pleased with it, the neon keeps catching my eye and I've been complemented on them quite a bit.

To do this nail art I used a small nail brush, and painted a line on each nail in red, then coral, then yellow/green and so on. I'm used to doing advanced stamping where most of the reason the nail art takes so long it all the drying time, so it did feel odd to spend nearly an hour solidly painting my nails! When I got half way through I was having second thoughts about whether it was a good idea! As I went through each colour I think I improved my painting technique slightly. I have to say it's lucky they are such good strong one coat colours, as I didn't fancy doing another coat!
Colours used: (L-R) Game Over, Vitamin D, Electric Daisy, High Roller, Miami Dade, Rehab - All from Cirque Colors

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