Thursday, 19 November 2015

Throwback Thursday: New Year Tartan

Today's throwback is the nail art I did for last years new year celebrations. It brings back fond memories! One of which was using a giant chocolate box to lean on while I tried this lovely (and new at the time) OPI red. I copied this design from a few I've seen floating around on Instragram and Pinterest, again as it's an older one I wouldn't have the foggiest who to credit it to!

I used a small nail art brush to draw the lines across my nail in black, and filled in the lines (avoiding the squares where they overlap) with a burgundy shade. I then added two thinner lines in gold. Was fairly simple to do and I'd definitely give it another go. It feels quite Christmassy to me but as it's not explicitly Christmas themed I think it would work for either of the autumn and winter seasons.

Colours used: Red Hot Rio - OPI, New York Noir by Kate Spade - Nails Inc, Kensington High Street - Nails Inc, Gold - Limited Collection Polish at M&S

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