Saturday, 28 November 2015

HPB Presents: Glitterchrome

The time has come for another Hobby Polish Bloggers link up. I almost missed this one as I've been so busy at work I haven't been checking the group as much, glad i've managed to get it done last minute as I really enjoy doing these. This months theme is Monochromatic Mani, creating a design all in one colour (or varying shades).

As it's that time of year I've gone for glitter, I'm having a major glitter moment! I picked blue as it's my favourite colour, and have tried a gradient as i've been wanting to have another go at gradients for a while now, they often seem to end up in my summer designs which feel so far away now! It's only really visible in the close ups but I have done a two tone blue gradient underneath the glitter, and then added to different glitters over the top.

The first blue glitter is one of Barry M's first ever glitters which I've had for years, and to be honest smells a little concerning! But I figured as it was over two polishes already it probably wouldn't do too much damage (fingers crossed!). The final one is a beautiful Nails Inc glitter with varying sizes and it's just so shiny, I wasn't sure about this mani at first but the final glitter made it!

Colours Used: Atlantic Road - Barry M, Bruton Place - Nails Inc, Blue Glitter - Barry M, Royal Archade (Saphire) - Nails Inc

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  1. Blue are also my favourite colour and i'm going to do a blue mani next, since it's fall in nicely for Diabetic Awareness. I'm with you with the glitter ones they are perfect for me, since it's the festive seasonal and it's Summer time here in South Africa! Blue is true!

  2. Blue is true! I like it! Absolutely, perfect time for glitter, it must catch the sunlight beautifully where you are!