Sunday, 27 March 2016

Baby Dino Nails - Cedric or Lime?

Happy Easter everyone! Or happy Sunday to those who don't celebrate Easter! My Easter manicure for this year is a little different to previous ones. I've gone for the classic  baby animals in eggs, but have chosen dinosaurs rather than chicks! This design was inspired by the adorable cuddly dino baby I got for Christmas (Cedric - photo below the nail pics!). You may have seen all over Facebook the various animal or food montages people have been creating (e.g. sloth or pan au chocolat, dog or croissant). My boyfriend and I has discussed creasting a  'Cedirc or Lime' version, which is kind of what these nails are! I'll be honest though I think the one peeking out on the index finger looks more like a pea than Cedric or a lime!

 To create this manicure I used dotting tools, freehand, and some nail stencils. For the egg shells I used some wide zig zag stencils I purchased on Ebay. I then used a dotting tool to decorate the egg shells. I used a small nail art brush to create the little dino faces. On the thumb I have done the back of Cedrics body with his little stubby tail stuck in the air! I used silver glitter on my ring finger to add some sparkle and try out this new glitter I got from Danglefoot Polish. It's called Cosmic Glows and it so pretty plus paints on like a dream! I've included a picture to show the sparklyness next to Cedrics head shot.
Colours used: Blue Moon - Barry M, Coconut - Barry M, Cosmic Glows - Danglefoot Polish, Key Lime - Barry M, Spring Green - Barry M, Seven Dials - Nails Inc

Below is the base layer of my design, to show Cosmic Glows in a slightly better light, and of course the inspiration for this mani... Cedric the dinosaur!

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