Friday, 18 March 2016

Monthly Indie Review: Foxy Paws Polish

For this months indie polish review I'm showing off the two polishes on the left from Foxy Paws, Dancing In the Moonlight and One More Night, Foxy Paws polish is made in Denmark, but I had no trouble ordering these to the UK and prices were very reasonable.

I love the bottle shape of these, just been on the website again and everything about it is so polished and stylish. I want more! (I'm on a nail polish buying ban which is proving difficult)

On the right is my entire order. I went for a glitter smoothing top coat as well (called Smooth Operator) as I thought this was a splendid idea! I still haven't had a chance to try it yet, but will reviews when I can. The order came with a business card with friendly message, and two little sweeties, which I must say were rather delicious.

The first polish I'll show you tonight is Dancing In The Moonlight, my ramblings are below the pictures!

Dancing In the Moonlight is a lovely shiny black with large circular glitters and a variety of smaller pieces to look like a night sky. I've seen a couple of these large circular glitter polishes around and have been curious to try them so was please to find such an interesting one on the Foxy Paws site. The application was lovely and smooth though I did have to fish out some of the large glitter pieces, as expected from a large glittered polish.  I really like the way the round pieces catch the light.

Next up is One More Night, my thoughts below the pictures.

So this one is the reason I decided to try this brand. I stumbled across some pictures of it online somewhere and just love how much it looks like a galaxy, and it's all one polish. Like doing a simplistic galaxy manicure, straight out of the bottle. The polish is a metallic colour shifter, shifting between purple and blue with a hint of green. There is a light sprinkling of silver glitter to give it that final galaxy effect. The consistency is good and glitter applies evenly.

So all in all another indie brand I would highly recommend. The can be bought from Thanks for reading!

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