Sunday, 13 March 2016

Stamping Sunday: Fans Of Indie

Todays stamping Sunday nail art is actually from a  few weeks ago, and already holds fond memories of my business trip to Madrid (it was my first business trip abroad, I'm sure they won't always be fond :P). Because of being away and moving around the same time this one did have to last a little while, and I'm pleased to say it did.

The base colour/glitter is Scream Queen from Danglefoot Polish (swatches at the bottom of this blog post). I ordered this just after new year and it was the first chance I got to use it. I was a little worried it would turn out to be quite pink when I saw it in the bottle, but it's is a beautiful bright purply shade with pink shimmer :).

I was a little sad to cover this with such a strong pattern, but got over it pretty quick as I like the way it turned out :) Looks like quirky sparkly wall paper! I used the decorative fan/plant pattern on my Mo You stamper and plate number 06 from their Pro Collection with a Barry M foil effect polish. The glitter polish dried a little textured so I used a top coat before and after stamping to smooth it over.

Colours used: Scream Queen - Danglefoot Polish, Gold Foil Effect - Barry M

And here is Scream Queen in all it's glory! So beautiful and bright :) It's quite a thick glitter (because there is so much sparklyness packed in!) so is full cover, only base coat underneath.

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