Sunday, 6 March 2016

Stamping Sunday: Subtle Nails For Wedding

Hello! Least imaginative blog title ever this evening! I really couldn't think what to call it so just went with a description. Tonight's design I did for a wedding I went to a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful day :) I wanted something subtle but still with something interesting on it, I can never seem to stick to plain nails at the moment!

This design worked well but was more subtle than I intended! In the pictures below you can see the two layers but in most light it just looked like it had a sort of mottled effect, the stamping didn't really show up. I started by stamping on  the leaf pattern (Born Pretty plate 19) in Barry M's Coconut, wish stamps surprisingly well. I've included a picture below, pre clean-up. I then used ILNP's Flower Girl for another layer of the same pattern to give it some shimmery ooph! Unfortunately it was at this point that it seemed to just merge into one and became too subtle! It was a nice design though and worked well for the wedding and a client meeting the next week.

Colours used: Little Bo Peep - Rimmel, Coconut - Barry M, Flower Girl - ILNP

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