Saturday, 12 March 2016

Barry M Spring Gelly - March 2016

Hello nail world! Tonight I'm sharing my thoughts on a couple of the latest Barry M Gelly colours for Spring. Can't believe Spring colours are coming out already! Still so many darks I want to try!

So the latest colours from Barry M follow a subtle/ grown up sort of theme, and are rather lovely. There are four new Gelly shades, the two I'm showing you today; an off white and a beige. I already have one of their previous cream/off white polishes and the beige one wasn't for me, but I wanted to give these two a try.

Don't usually go for pinks but these are sort of muted which I like. I think they both make really nice classy shades.

Below are the brushes in action. I love that Barry M now has a wider brush in their new polishes. I find them soo much easier for painting with.I thought it was just the new speedy range but the new Gelly colours have this too :)

So on to the polish. The first up is Acai Smoothie, a lovely grown up muted pink. I've included shots of it in different lighting. I'm really taken with this colour. I tried a little nail art over but but regretted it instantly as it's so nice on it's own! I think it would look good with gold stamped over it too though. It's gloriously shiny and in true Barry M style applies smoothly. A very worthwhile buy.

Next we have Pink Lemonade, a muted super pale pink. Again this applies beautifully with the wide brush, and has a lovely finish. I think it looks really elegant and suits my skin tone which is an added bonus! This is lovely on it's own as a chic colour for Spring, or any time of year really, it's quite versatile. Also a great base of nail art or stamping

In conclusion, I am definitely glad I bought them. I haven't bought any mainstream polishes for a while so it was really handy to be able to pop into the local shop and get them on lunch! I also don't have any colours quite like this in my collection, and as time goes on it gets harder to find such a thing! My favourite has to be Acai Smoothie, I think the colours suits me well and it goes with so many things. Perhaps I should be buying more pink!

Thanks for reading :)

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