Thursday, 3 March 2016

Throwback Thursday: Harry Potter

Todays throwback is one I'd completely forgotten about until someone sent me a link to a whole selection of Harry Potter nails. I sadly can't find the article any more but will add it in the comments if I find it. I did these for our trip to the Harry Potter studio tour, it was soo much fun!

Didn't go for anything particularly original with the design, the main part was inspired by a number of designs on Google images, and the thumb nail from some more! Apologies for the mess on these, as you can see one was taken pre-clean up!

To get the checked effect, based on the colours of the different houses at Hogwarts, I used nail art tape, and for the deathly hallows symbol I used a nail art pen. Had a bit of trouble with it coming out too thick. I think in future I'd just do it freehand as it's a fairly simple shape. That's all there is to it really. can't believe how long ago it was! (summer 2014)

Colours Used: New York Noir - Nails Inc, Matt White - Barry M, Gold Foil Effect - Barry M, Silver Foil Effect - Barry M, Yellow - Barry M. Block Your Green - Rimmel, Cobalt - Barry M, Red - Unknown. Nail Art Pen in Silver - Barry M

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