Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Freckles Polish - Monthly Indie Review

Today is my second monthly indie polish review, and I'm excited to share with you Freckles Polish! This is a UK based brand and I purchased the polishes on Etsy, link here if you're interested.I was really impressed with the variety of polishes available, and the shinyness! I went for Anne Teak and Descendants Of Salem to start with, but when my pre-birthday/Christmas buying ban is over I will certainly be tempted to get more!

First up is Anne Teak. I chose this one as it's a bit different to anything I've seen before, and was indeed complimented on it. I have a quite a few golds, but this one is darker/bronzer and shines an almost greeny grey in some lights. The pictures below are in a variety of different lighting to give you an idea. This is my favourite of the two. The consistency was great and I just love how indivdual and shiny it is. One of those polihses where you just have to keep looking at your hands!

Next we have Descendants Of Salem, a dark holo green. This is a chameleon of a polish and does different things in different lights, like several colours in one! The holo is more visisble in bright light, as in the bottom two pictures. In daylight it is a holo/sparkly green, and in darker areas/ the office, it is a dark metallic green. I like the versatility of this one, and that the holo isn't too intense. It is my favouirte holo so far, only out of two at the moment, but still, a happy customer! :)

Let me know what you think in the comments below! TTFN :)

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