Thursday, 15 October 2015

Throwback Thursday: Gold Leaf Flakes

This is one of my oldest throwback pictures, so apologies for the picture quality. Feels so long ago now! Must be getting on for about three years. I had read online somewhere about using sheets of gold leaf from a craft shop to use for nail art so decided to give it ago. It's suprisingly easy to do though can be a little fiddly.

The gold leaf can be broken into small peices using tweezers or your finders. Because it is so thin it mould and sticks to the nail really well even if the polish isn't still wet. A top coat is of course needed  to keep them in place and seal it in. I have pretty much got a lifestime supply of this stuff now so will have to try it again in the future!

Colours used: 161 - Barry M, Gold Leaf - Local Art Shop

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