Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Creepy Kitties

Fittingly with my blog name I've created some spooky cat nails for halloween. These were surprisingly easy to do and were based on some designs I've seen around on the internet. There was one picture I followed in particular but I can't seem to find where to credit it too as its just on lots of sharing sites.

The cat heads and ears were done freehand with the polish bottle brush and a small nail art brush for the ears. I used a darker colour than the picture that inspired me as I wanted it to look darker and more halloweeny! I then used the small brush to paint the yellows of the eyes and the thin pupils that gives them that stare! To finish I used a matte top coat the make the design stand out better.

More halloween nails to come!

Colours Used: Slip Stream - Barry M, Lady In Black OPI, Canary Yellow - Barry M, Pro Matte Finish - Rimmel

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