Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Deep Sea Demons

The nail art I'm currently wearing was designed for Mo You's recent Instagram competition. The idea is to create a halloween look using any of their stamping plates, not necessarily the halloween themed ones. I currently only have two Mo You plates, something I will rectify next week when my pre-birthday buying ban is over! :D So I went with an underwater theme, but made the little sea creatures rather demonic looking with their red eyes. Once I'd stamped on the design I noticed there were some gaps so used a fine brush to create some lines to look like waves/seaweed. I used a dark purple for this but it looks black in the pictures.

This polish is a really old one and had somehow got really watery, this took seven coats to look opaque!! To be honest it's still not 100% when held up in bright light! Got this one years ago and I'm not quite sure about the colour choice, but it's a perfect slime green for halloween!

One of the suggestions in the competition description was to include some halloween accessories. I don't have any of those but I do have my awesome lobster slippers, which I felt were very fitting with the design. Here they are below looking considerably less evil than my nails!

Colours Used: Neon Green - Accessorize, Black Knight - Mo You, Wigmore Street - Nails Inc


  1. Wow, I love these: spooky, yet stylish! Also, awesome lobsters!

  2. Why thank you! I now have some lobster nails thanks to the new stamping plates you got me. thank you!