Sunday, 4 October 2015

Stamping Sundays: Guest Nails

So, I said last week that Stamping Sundays would be fortnightly... But I've been doing a lot of it recently, and as I have had some kindly volunteers for practise I think I should be able to do it weekly for the near future.

Below we have my sister Imogen's nails modelling a sea themed design from my Born Pretty stamping plate number 23. I bought this one as it has a little whale on it :) This design was done to go with an outfit she wore to a barge party we went to for a family friends birthday. The colours matched her skirt, and the flowers on her top.

I found it a little tricky to pick up the whale image as it's quite a thick image. I've found that the more fiddly stamping designs tend to pick up better. All in all pretty pleased with how this turned out, I think the colours suited the design well. Ttfn!

Colours Used: Papaya - Barry M, Guava - Barry M, White Knight - Mo You


  1. Looks lovely :)
    I've never really gotten into stamping, but I'm going to buy some next week and try them out because these nails look great!! x

    1. Thank you! :) I would highly recomend it, it's very addictive! Mo You have some really lovely plates, and there are lots of Born Pretty ones cheap on Ebay x