Thursday, 8 October 2015

Throwback Thursday: The one with the pom-poms!

Got something a bit silly to showcase tonight. After watching the last episode of Doctor Foster in iPlayer I think I need something a bit lighthearted! So, I got this Nail Rock pom-pom set on sale a little while ago in Topshop. I've got a couple of their other sets, the caviar and velvet but none as ridiculous as this! I like!

The set comes with a lovely green nail polish, which I think I'd be pretty tempted to wear on it's own. It's a nice consistency and lovely and shiny. Instructions are fairly simple, apply one coat, let it dry, apply another coat, press on pom-poms and allow to dry. Here are the results below:

In conclusion these were great fun and suprisingly long lasting! I wore them for a night out and the next morning I had only lost one. They lasted most of the next day but were starting to gather dust and look kind of grey, so I think these are a one day/night look. I actually had to cut the pom-poms off in the end but they were fairly easy to remove once it was just little fuzzy stubbs left. What do you think, super silly or super awesome?!

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