Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Nails Inc - The New White

Good evening! Today I'm reviewing a couple of polishes from Nails Inc's 'The New White' range. They are not especially new any more, I think they've been around for about a year now, but oh my they are beautiful! So I would like to share my thoughts though they are a little late.

The new white polishes are super pale, essentially 'shades' of white. The first I got was this lovely pale green, Swan Street, as a valentines day present and fell totally in love with it. The consistency is brilliant and the tapered brush makes it easy to apply and keep the edges neat. In the pictures and on the bottle you can see it's lovely white mint green shade, but in some lights it also looks a sort of duck egg blue, it's just wonderful!

As I loved Swan Street so much I went back for more! The pale grey shown below is White Horse Street. In the pictures it looks just a touch more matte than it is in life but the colour is the same. It's a lovely subtle shade and again it goes on really smoothly. Wore this for a client meeting the other day, the perfect grown-up colour! In conclusion I would highly recommend these! They're versatile and beautiful. Yet to try some nail art with them as I just love how they look on their own.

Colours Used: Swan Street - Nails Inc, White Horse Street - Nails Inc

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