Sunday, 18 October 2015

Stamping Sundays: Tiny Turtle

Today I have my sister Imogen's nails again modelling some more of my stamping attempts! I've had another go at advanced stamping and went for a simple but cute design. This was ready for her trip to Germany.

I've used my Mo You London Doodles Plate 07 for the decal, and used my stamper rather than an uber mat (I just can't make my mind uop whether I need one!). I have a double ended stamper which was perfect for this. I picked up the design in black and cleared of any excess with sellotape. Getting rid of a narwhal was emotional! I then used dotting tools to fill in the little gaps in two shades of green, and left to dry for about fifteen minutes. After this I painted a thick layer of clear polish over the top, and left for about half an hour.

The decals are suprisingly easy to peel off without breaking, but a bit fiddly to place on the nail. As these are just little ones they were easier than full sized decals. After pressing the decals down gently I topped it all off with a top coat. If you look closely at the bottom left picture here you can see where the edge of the decal comes to. This one was taken before top coat. Also worth mentioning that the top layer of nail varnish is still sticky/tacky when I place the decal, this makes it cling to the nail better.

Colours Used: Wardour Street - Nails Inc, Black Night - Mo You, Key Lime - Barry M, Block Your Green - Rimmel

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