Tuesday, 30 August 2016

August Meebox Review - Boho

Spoiler warning! Ok that may not be needed as it's now a week since dispatch, but better safe than sorry! Last year I decided to try the Nailbox as a one off in August, review can be found here, so I thought I'd make it a tradition and try the August Meebox this year! Meebox have been taunting me with their awesome boxes for some time, with themes such as Mermaid. This months theme was Boho. Read on for my thoughts.
In the box are three nail polishes, a nail polish remover, a ring (the birthday gift as it's their 1st birthday), some swatch sticks to try the polishes on, and some foil/gold leaf type nail accessories.

First up is Barry M's Greenberry. I actually already have this, but it's such a gorgeous colour I'm quite happy to have a spare! I've really enjoyed having it on my nails again, it's perfect for summer. The difference between this and my other bottle is that it comes with the new wide brush, so at least we know we're getting fresh stock! Below is two coats. I would highly recommend this polish.
Next up is Zoya's Aggie, I was so excited to get my first Zoya! I've seen them around for a while but they're not the easiest to get hold of in the UK, not in much variety anyway. I would describe Aggie as a dark gold with a hint of bronze. In the bottle there is a hint of green but it doesn't seem to translate onto the nail. This didn't bother me as I already have a gold to green mutli-chrome polish. I like the classy grown-up feel of the polish and it's a little different from things I already have. I found the consistency seemed a bit thin but it ended up being pretty easy to get cover in two coats. The only other slight downside was that the brush was a bit on the thin side. Overall very happy to have received this polish.
The final polish we received this month was Prince You've Been Gone by Cuccio, another brand I haven't tried. I wasn't that enthused to wear this right now as it seems more wintery, but it is a pretty shade. The consistency is good and done right it is a one coater (below is two coats on thumbnails and one coat on fingernails). I think this will be making appearances again around Christmas time for sure! I was pleased to see that it didn't stain my nails, I noticed some of the colour go onto my skin when I removed it but that's much easier to clear.
I don't know if those are the shades that spring to mind for me for the Boho theme, but I'm not quite sure which would to be honest! I like how they all look a similar shade to colours found on the card that you see before getting the box, it's like they're giving little clues/teasers before you choose whether to buy the box.

The gold foil from Miss Cat Nails I really like. I was a little worried it was just going to be plain gold when I first opened it, and I already have something like this, but this one has bluey/green patches surrounded by a browny bronze colour. It's almost as if it's been singed with a really colourful flame! I've tried everything out in some pictures at the bottom of this post (even the nail polish remover to create a watercolour effect!).

The nail polish remover is from Meebox themselves and is scented. I've not heard of a scented nail polish remover before so was intrigued. One thing I would say is that I wouldn't recommend taking a big wiff straight from the bottle (oops!), it is still nail polish remover! I found when using it it gave off a really sweet smell, it reminded me of something from my childhood which made me feel nostalgic, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was.
So my experiments ended up looking very Christmassy! I really liked the little pine cone like effect, and think I'll remember that for December. They were meant to be feathers! So would I order a Meebox again? Yes, although I'm leaving next months, the theme is Pumpkin Spice and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's reviews, but I have quite a few Halloween type colours already. I'll keep a look out in the future though, it is really fun getting a nail themed parcel! Also think I need to build up a supply of that lovely tissue paper that comes in the box!

Thanks for reading!

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