Saturday, 20 August 2016

Monthly Indie Review: Femme Fatale

So the time has come already for this months indie polish review, summer is going way too fast! This month I have only one polish to review, but a very picture heavy post as it's such an interesting polish! I selected only one polish from this brand as it was part of a bulk order, and I really couldn't justify buying any more! This is my first try of a thermal colour change polish, and I have to say I absolutely loved it. Below are is the polish in heat (pale green) and cold (blue). It's called Jasmine and it's from Femme Fatale.
The consistency was good though fairly sheer. I used three coats to get the above effect. I've included some pictures below showing the colour change effect. It was so much fun trying it all out! When I changed my nail polish I felt quite disappointed that I couldn't see a colour change anymore when I washed my hands! I have already seen another colour change polish by this brand that I have my eye on, the novelty has definitely not worn off yet!
So as you can see this was a good one! The polish quality was good, the colours lovely (particularly the blue); and the novelty of a colour changing polish was great fun. It's good to wear in the summer as I found there was plenty of variation in the different temperatures of different environments, not just cold. I can certainly recommend!

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