Sunday, 28 August 2016

Stamping Sunday: Uber Chic Succulents

Hello! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I'm really enjoying a nice relaxing weekend, seeing friends and family and just generally chilling out. I'm pleased to say it has been a very nail varnish heavy weekend so far! Today I'm showing you my first go with the Uber Chic succulents stamping plate. I've wanted this plate for a long time but it's always been a bit expensive to get delivered, or hard to find in the UK. Fortunately a lovely lady in a Facebook ISO group I'm in offered to sell me hers, and it turned up on Friday. I am so happy with it and full of ideas of what to use it for! The images are so cute, hopefully you can just about make them out on the top left image below.

For my first go I decided just to see how the images looked without doing anything complex. I used white stamping polish over this gorgeous bright shade from Barry M (colours listed below the pictures). I really can't decide with images I like best! Some of the larger designs look really good as they go over the whole nail, but I also really like the more floral looking ones. I can't wait to have a go at advanced stamping with these, and using the little plants in pots as they are just too cute! More to come :)
Colours used: Greenberry - Barry M, White Knight - Mo You London

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