Thursday, 25 August 2016

Throwback Thursday: When I had Talons!

Hello nail team! Tonight I'm just doing a quick post as I am overheating somewhat! This will probably sound crazy to many of you, but here in the UK we are not used to heatwaves, and right now it feels tropical! I've enjoyed it for a few days, but it's getting closer and closer and I'm starting to feel a little suffocated! Hopefully it means an epic thunder storm is coming!

So more importantly, onto the nails. I found this picture in my archive, and I reckon it's from about four years ago, back when I'd only recently started venturing into nail art. I used to let my nails get a lot longer then, whereas I prefer them a little shorter now (but still a bit long I admit!). Below is them long talon like in an unnamed teal polish from Accessorise and a gold crescent. I can't remember which the gold polish was, I have too many and it was too long ago!

Clearly I was not as good at clean up four years ago! (oops!) Thank you for reading my ramblings! Next blog post will be fuller.

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