Thursday, 11 August 2016

Summer Flowers

Last weekend I made my nails look like a floral garden with a set I got for Christmas from my friend. After spending Saturday wondering around the beautiful Painshill Park I was in the mood for something pretty and floral. I believe this kit came from BHS (British Home Stores) so I'm not sure if they're still around, but wanted to share my thoughts anyway! I expect you can get the little stick on flowers from nail art stores and Ebay. Below is the front of the box and what's inside.
The instructions for this set are simple. Paint on one coat of colour and let dry, pain on a second coat and place the flowers while the polish is wet. Then add a top coat. The flowers were easy to place but I think I should have pushed the pink ones down a little more so they would lie flat. I was apprehensive about using a top coat, as I've found in the past that they can ruin this type of nail art. I gave it a go anyway and was pleasantly surprised. The top two of the below pictures are with no top coat, and the bottom two are with top coat. They of course didn't last ages due to the stick on flowers, but they did a 24 hours, and would probably have lasted longer if I hadn't been gardening on Sunday!

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