Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Octopus At The Pool Party!

Hello again! One more nail art look for this years Glam Nails Challenge July, this time the theme is pool party. I wanted to use the cute little octopus image on the new Uber Chic Just Beachy stamping plate and for some reason I thought it would work well for this, even though you would not usually expect to find an octopus at a pool party! I wouldn't anyway!

On my index finger, little finger and thumb nails I started with a cream base, and then a couple of layers of Flipper, a sheer blue polish, and pearlescent purple on my other nails (colours listed below the pictures). I stamped an ocean ripples image from the Bundle Monster XL25 plate in white, and then added another layer of sheer blue. I then layered up a deck chair image from the Just Beachy plate on the thumb and some cocktails from their Bottoms Up plate on my finger nails. On the purple nails I layered on the octopus image and added some wording using the same stamping plate. I struggled a bit picking up the outline of the octopus and ended up with some extra black smudging round the edge so did have to try and patch that up a bit with purple polish and a small brush.

Overall I quite like these though they could have definitely been neater! The little octopus is adorable, I hope it enjoyed it's pool party and definitely intend to use this image again! I have used the sheer blue for similar ocean nails before and I really like the effect, though my boyfriend did point out it looks like the deck chair is floating in the sea!
Colours used: Cream Soda - Barry M, Flipper - Urban Outfitters, Rainbow Wishes - Nails Inc, White Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection - Black Stamping Polish - Rainbow Connection, Key Lime - Barry M, Yellow - Barry M, Dead Heat - Barry M, Pink Lemonade - Barry M,